Dome pendant light 1 head Hammonds

Dome pendant light 1 head Hammonds

Chandelier 6 lights elegance

Color block with not only your wall paint but with your furniture and fixtures as well like this cool green color block starting from the lightest green wall paint to the forest green media unit and shelves. #colourblockfurnitureinteriordesign #colorblockinteriordesign

#California #condo #Mediterranean #Meets #Midcentury Stunning! This is an updated 80's bathroom with the pink & gree

Chandelier 10 lights Fatima

Traditional decor #Primitive #furniture #chicken Primitive furniture chicken wi

Chandelier 3 lights Vassar

Chandelier 5 lights Luciano

Unusual pendant lamp with 1 lamp

Industrial / Industrial / Vintage hanging lamp black 6 lights – Sydney design, modern, industrial


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